Do you have the intention to sponsor this event? The form of the sponsorship is not limited, including the T-shirts, bags, stationery, money, etc. If you would like to, please check [Information Education Center: Activities] in the following form [Donation Amount & Usage] and fill in the amount. The donation account is below the application form. In addition, this donation can be used for income tax purposes in Taiwan. If you are in another country, it will depend on your country ordinance.


請問您有意願贊助本活動嗎? 贊助的形式不拘,包括大會T恤、提袋、文具、金錢等。若您願意,請在以下的表單中【捐款金額與用途】中勾選【資訊教育中心:活動用】,並填寫金額。 捐款帳號在本申請表下方。另,本捐款在台灣日後可以申報所得稅之用,若您為其他國家,則需視您的國家法令而定。